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A Day at the Races

Written by Joy Dembo. Posted in Archive

Who goes to the races?

Not me, as a rule, but my brother recently bought a couple of race horses and since one of them was racing today at Turfontein, he sponsored a table in the new Elevation Room and invited us to join him.

Wow... what a fabulous day we had!

We were treated like royalty, wined and dined and entertained in decadent luxury, overlooking the race track!

Since the Charity Mile was run today to raise money for various charities, there were numerous celebrities there too and I managed to twist my nephew's arm to get Schalk Burger and Butch James' autographs for my son.

I also managed to lose all the money I went with, but it was worth it! LOL!

Soooo... if you are ever invited to attend the races in style, say YES! You wont regret it

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