Screening CVs yourself a headache?

For a nominal fee I can screen and short list for you

CV Screening

I'll write and place your ad

My response handling service includes writing your advert and having it  set into your border, or if you prefer to remain anonymous, in the RectuitRite border, or even a plain border.  I will also assist you with media advice and selection.  Once you have approved the ad, I will arrange for it to be placed in the relevant media. The response will be directed to me via fax and e-mail and I will screen the CVs to the extent that the candidates meet the inherent requirements of the job.

Once, I have completed the CV screening process, I will present you with a dossier of imminently suitable candidates.  

For a nominal additional fee, I can also arrange interviews for short listed candidates, check references, verify qualifications and assist with preliminary interviews, when required.

I am au fait with the clauses pertaining to pre-employment discrimination, contained in the Labour Relations Act, and I have attended seminars on this subject, conducted by experts in this field.

How much do you think my CV screening service will cost you?

Under R3000?  YES!

So, why deal with the headache of screening CVs yourself?

My fee is ultra cost effective! The above CV screening fee is fully inclusive for up to 200 CVs, and thereafter I charge a nominal additional amount per 100 CVs.

You will agree that this is a fraction of the fee that a recruitment consultancy would charge, and my fee remains the same, irrespective of the seniority of the job, or the number of people you employ!

You do the Maths!

If a consultancy is charging 15% of annual salary and the salary is in the R300 000 plus range, just for example.  The minimum fee will be R45 000!!!!  And, my response handling fee is over R42 000 less than that!

It’s a no-brainer!!! Get your calculator out again!

Let’s assume that each CV takes at least 5 minutes to screen.  200 CVs will take you almost 17 hours to screen.  That’s more than 2 working days!  

Do you need that kind of aggravation? Of course not! So why not outsource your CV screening to me?

The cost of the ad will be for your account, and will be billed separately. All my ads are placed through an accredited advertising agency.  They do not mark up media prices, and prices quoted would, therefore, be exactly the same if you were to place the ad directly with the newspaper.  

If you have budget constraints, I can place a “smalls” ad in the classified section of the newspaper of your choice.  I will write the copy and get a quote from the relevant newspaper before we place the ad.