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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I still have to pay RecruitRite if I don’t fill the position?

Yes you will be liable for the response handling fee, since the work has been done. I charge a very competitive fee, irrespective of the seniority of the job or the number of people you employ. The fee is for writing the ad, placing it on your behalf, and screening the CVs received.

Do you conduct interviews?

No, the fee does not include conducting interviews, however if you require me to conduct preliminary interviews on your behalf, I would be more than happy to assist but I would charge an additional fee, as I would have to bill you for my time and the cost of renting an interviewing facility.

How does your response handling service differ from the service provided by a personnel consultancy?

Firstly my fee is not commission-based so it costs you MUCH less than recruiting via a personnel consultancy.

A good example would be as follows:

You recruit a CA, on a salary of R500 000 P/A.

The fee you would be liable to pay a consultancy for that placement would be anything from R50 000 - R100 00, as most consultancies charge a fee of between 10% and 20% of annual salary.

My fee would be R2950, plus the cost of the advertisement which would range from about R600-00 for a smalls ad to approximately R10 000 for a display advertisement (in the Star Workplace).

Secondly, I do not charge per person you employ. If I give you 10 suitable candidates and you employ 5 of them, the fee remains the same, whereas a personnel consultancy will charge you a fee for every person you employ. I charge one fee per position I handle!

A consultancy does conduct interviews, whereas I do not, but as previously stated, I can conduct interviews on your behalf at a nominal fee, which would still be much cheaper than using a consultancy.

Do you check references or verify qualifications?

Yes, I can check references for you, for a nominal additional fee.

Can you arrange interviews on our behalf?

Yes, I can arrange interviews, and usually do this for my clients, once again, at a very nominal cost (just to cover my expenses).