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Can you smell the sweet smell of Jasmine in the air?

Written by Joy Dembo. Posted in Archive

One of my favourite times of the year is Spring when the sweet fragrance of Jasmine fills the air.

In my younger days, and when it was safe to walk in the street, I used to go for a walk every day, and in the springtime, when the jasmine was in full bloom, I used to look furtively around me and nick a piece of jasmine from a bush that hung over a fence into the street.  I then held it to my nose every couple of blocks and smiled as the perfume engulfed my senses.

Not only is the fragrance unique and mind boggling, but it always reminds me of lovely warm sunshine, clear blue skies, the peaceful buzz of bees, a light breeze,  and the promise of summer holidays and festive days ahead.

And, when I get back to my office, I feel refreshed and serene and able to face the day ahead with a smile on my face.

Drop me a line and let me know if there are any smells that send your mind racing to another place and another time!

BNI - A new dimension in life

Written by Joy Dembo. Posted in Archive

It was my lucky day when Neil from Computer Troubleshooters came to look at a problem I was having with my computer.  Not only was he able to fix a problem which had baffled 3 other techies, BUT he asked me if I had heard of BNI.

I hadn’t!  So he proceeded to tell me that BNI stood for Business Network International and that it was an awesome networking organisation, especially for small business owners like myself.

He invited me to attend a BNI meeting as a visitor and decide for myself whether I wanted to join.

BNI is divided into Chapters or branches, situated worldwide and the one that was closest to me was the Masters Chapter in Rosebank.  As it happened, although Neil is a member of the Fourways Chapter, his colleague Arjen is a member of the Rosebank Chapter and he welcomed me with open arms.

One meeting and I was sold!

Not only have I made a lot of valuable contacts and generated some additional business, BUT I have made a lot of friends, and attending the early morning breakfast meeting every Tuesday has become one of the highlights of my week!

As luck would have it, I joined just prior to the BNI annual conference, which was awesome.  I picked up a wealth of invaluable tips on networking and marketing and made even more useful business contacts!  And, I had lot of fun and won a fabulous prize too!

What a combination – making money and having fun!

You can’t beat it.

Check out the BNI website at www.bni.co.za or bni.com and if you have any queries, just shout.  I would be happy to fill you in.

Lengthy covering letters are also a no-no!  Why repeat everything that is already in the CV.  It just frustrates and bores a busy recruitment officer.

Lastly, a recent photograph is a very nice extra touch.  I think recruitment officers always relate better to a candidate if they know what he/she looks like.

Fancy borders make for a lengthy printing processes and should be avoided.

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