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And you thought you had a bad day???

Written by Joy Dembo. Posted in Archive

I don’t know why I bothered to wake up yesterday????

The first thing I was presented with was a blocked loo! As I flushed, up came a deluge of water and sawdust! Sawdust! My daughter had cleaned her hamster cage and emptied the last bits of sawdust into the loo and voila! Blocked loo! Of course, she vehemently denied it, in spite of the “evidence”! I rushed to the hardware store and bought a plunger and thankfully managed to clear it, but now I was running hopelessly late for an appointment.

I almost killed myself getting there on time and then proceeded to wait…and wait…

I had arranged to meet a client at M&A. He is a printer who had to see me “urgently” to discuss web copy he needed written. Eventually I called him and guess what??? He forgot! And hastened to tell me that he was in CARLETONVILLE, so clearly there was no point in waiting for him.

I set off to my next appointment and no sooner had I pulled off, than my daughter called to say that my little toy pom had caught a bird and injured it! I told her to put the bird in a box and take it to the vet. She was screaming and crying that she couldn’t do this alone …blah…blah… I remembered the sawdust in the loo (ohhh..she is 24, by the way!), and said “Make like Nike and just do it!!!”.

I got to the office and was just starting to unwind when I got a frantic call from my son to say he has a stomach ache! He is almost 17, by the way! OK, I am a genius (pun intended), I know, but what the *&^% was I supposed to do??? So, I told him to take a Buscopan and stop bothering me!

Half an hour later the phone rang again…I was afraid to answer it!

It was my husband to tell me he feels like death! I told him to go to the doctor. He then proceeded to tell me that he can’t go the doctor, because it’s the month end he has to report to Chicago before the end of the day, etc etc (He is an Accountant, by the way). Ok, so what the *&^% can I do??? ARRRGHHH!!!! Make the death feeling go away? Make Chicago go away??

From then on the day just descended further and further into the quagmire! Nothing serious…just stuff like losing a document on my computer due to a power failure. Not load shedding…that I would have been prepared for. Just click! And blank screen in front of me! And, then of course, there was the little issue of dropping a bottle of tomato sauce, which naturally broke, and guess who spent an hour cleaning “tomato sauce spatter” off everything but the ceiling!?

Enough said!

Thank G-d it’s now Thursday!

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