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Response Handling – The answer to Recruitment Headaches in the Current Financial Crisis!

Written by Joy Dembo. Posted in Archive

The worldwide financial crisis, in my opinion, has created massive opportunities for response handling for the following reasons:

Shrinking Recruitment Budgets

Large corporates are embarking on cost cutting exercises, and recruitment budgets have been slashed to the bone, making the cost of consultancies prohibitive. However, the cost of response handling is negligible, in comparison, and would be a cost-effective alternative for any HR Manager.
Large numbers of people out of work, as a result of downsizing

Massive volumes of CVs are being received when positions are advertised in the press. How many potentially productive hours are being spent screening CVs? Unless you are being paid specifically to screen CVs, this is a counter productive exercise! You should be spending your day generating income. Leave the screening of CVs to me – that is WHAT I AM PAID TO DO!
HR Departments are consolidating their functions

Large companies are consolidating the admin and recruitment sides of HR, which means that, to a large extent, gone are the days of HR Admin Officers, Recruitment Officers, IR Officers, Training Officers etc. This consolidation is making it impossible for an HR Officer to screen hundreds of CVs AND attend to training, job evaluations, performance appraisals, salaries, leave, IR matters etc, effectively.

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