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The Crazies

Written by Joy Dembo on . Posted in 2011

If you are a fan of  Horror/Thriller Movies, you’d be crazy not to see “The Crazies”!

I am not much of a fan of horror movies, although I used to be in my youth, but “The Crazies” doesn’t really fall squarely into the horror movie genre, as such.  It’s a horror thriller, mixed with elements of sci-fi and whilst it certainly had it’s “jump out of your skin” moments, it was more of an “edge of your seat” kind of movie, for me.

The movie is set in a small, agricultural mid-western American town, where everyone knows everyone else, and the sheriff has a fairly easy job as nothing much ever happens in the sleepy town, until…..

Suddenly the town is plunged into frenzied madness as the residents start turning into crazed,  aggressive and violent killers, intent on tormenting and destroying everyone around them, including their friends and family.

The Sheriff and his Deputy discover that a plane has crashed into a nearby river and polluted the town’s water supply with a mysterious toxin, and one by one, as the town’s folk are exposed to it, they are being transformed into mindless killers.

Eventually the violence and bloodshed plunge the town into total anarchy, and the few uninfected residents face certain doom!

When the military arrives on the scene, to try and contain the epidemic, they use even more deadly force to close the town off. Nobody is allowed in or out of the town, and those that try are randomly eliminated.  

Sheriff David Dutton (Played by Timothy Olyphant of <em>Live Free or Die Hard fame</em>); his pregnant wife, Judy, who is also the town’s doctor, (Played by Radha Mitchell) Becca, an assistant at the medical center; (Played by Danielle Panabaker, of <em>Friday the 13<sup>th</sup> fame</em>), and Russell, the Deputy Sherriff (Played by Joe Anderson) embark on a nightmarish journey to escape the madness and mayhem and get to safety!

Dodging the military and the infected townsfolk, whilst fearing that they might contract the deadly virus themselves, makes for exciting viewing.

The film is produced by Michael Aguilar (<em>The Departed</em>), Dean Georgaris (<em>What Happens in Vegas</em>) and Rob Cowan (<em>Righteous Kill</em>). Executive producer is none other than critically acclaimed director/writer/producer George A. Romero (Dawn Of The Dead, Land Of The Dead, Night Of The Living Dead).  Combine this with the talented team of Director,  Breck Eisner (<em>Sahara</em>),  and  writer,  Scott Kosar (<em>The Amityville Horror</em>, <em>The Texas Chainsaw Massacre</em>) and Ray Wright (<em>Pulse, Case 39</em>), and  I am sure that seasoned /horror/thriller fans wont be disappointed!

Release date: 12 November 2010.

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