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The Concert

Written by Joy Dembo on . Posted in 2011

The Concert – A “Symphony” of Fun and Entertainment!

If you want to see a really heartwarming movie, do yourself a favour and go and see “The Concert”  The movie is being released today (07 January) and I guarantee you wont be sorry!

Directed and co-written by Radu Mihaileanu,  this film is funny and touching, and has some lovely surprises that will leave you grinning as you walk out of the theatre.

Andrei Filipov (Alexei Guskov) was once a famous and respected conductor of the Russian Bolshoi Orchestra, but after being disgraced and dismissed from his position, he sinks into a deep depression and starts drinking way too much. He is now a poorly paid Janitor at the Bolshoi and is steadily reaching the bottom of the barrel!  

One day, whist cleaning the Director’s office, he intercepts a fax, inviting the orchestra to perform in Paris, and his brain goes into overdrive. He cunningly devises a plan to masquerade as the Conductor of the Orchestra and make a triumphant return to his former glory.  He hurriedly rounds up a bedraggled bunch of his former colleagues and heads for Paris, with absolutely hilarious results.  

Key to the “plot” is a beautiful and talented young violinist (Mélanie Laurent), who has played a big part in his past and promises to be the key to his success in the future!

This movie is a “symphony” of fun and fulfillment and will leave you with an important message – never give up hope and always embrace second chances with both hands.  Oh yeah… and, revenge is oh so sweet!

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