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Written by Joy Dembo on . Posted in 2012

If you are a fan of blood and gore and pure, unadulterated violence, murder and mayhem, you are going to love this movie.  It will keep you biting your nails and wincing in horror, right till the surprising twist at the end.

Rough and ready Chon (played by Tayler Kitsch) and the oh, so chilled Ben (Played by Aaron Johnson) are best friends sharing a magnificent home in Laguna Beach, California and a girlfriend, affectionately known as O! The two have a flourishing marijuana growing business. 

Chon is a former military man, and he had smuggled the marijuana seeds out of Afghanistan.  Ben is the educated brains behind the outfit and between the two of them they have managed to develop a massive customer base.

An extremely powerful Mexican Drug Cartel wants to go into partnership with Chon and Ben, however the boys are not keen.  They consult with corrupt DEA agent,  Dennis (Played by John Travolta), and he advises them to reconsider,  as the cartel is extremely ruthless and not used to being refused anything!  

The boys decide not to accept the offer and are just about to leave for Indonesia with O, to lie low for a few years.  But,  before they can leave the unthinkable happens. O is  kidnapped by the Cartel. Chon and Ben receive word of the kidnapping from the cartel leader,  Elena (Played by Salma Hayek),  a powerful and feared woman,  who threatens to harm O if they do not reconsider her offer.

In retaliation, Ben and Chon get to Elena the only way they can – they kidnap her daughter, Magda, and so the negotiations, murder, brutality and bloodshed begin, culminating in a spectacular and surprising ending.

Released by Universal, the movie opens countrywide on 07 September.  

Definitely not suitable for kids, but the older teens and adults will enjoy this one.

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