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Written by Joy Dembo on . Posted in 2013

“Ted” is so much fun!

I laughed from start to finish and really fell in love with the raucous, foul-mouthed computer animated little bear. He’s a bit of an anomaly, as he looks like a real cutie pie, until he opens his mouth! Then he comes across as “one of the boys” and it’s hard to believe that he is actually a teddy bear, and this is what makes this enjoyable comedy so unique!

The film begins in the mid 80’s when John Bennett  (Played by the yummy Mark  Wahlberg), was a solitary, bullied little boy. 

When he receives a teddy bear as a Christmas present from his parents, he names him Ted and wishes that his new toy would come to life and be a real friend. Poof!  At that exact moment, a falling star sees his wish granted and Ted receives the gift of life. Ted and John become celebrities and appear on numerous TV shows.  The strange thing is that nobody finds the fact that Ted is a teddy bear that odd…it’s a real scream!

Fast forward to 2012 and Ted (voiced by Seth Macfarlane) and John are all grown up and still firm friends. Mark is in a relationship with the gorgeous Lori (played by Mila Kunis),  but Lori is getting tired of the ever present, vulgar, lazy Ted, and wants John to evict him!  John is reluctant, but things reach a head when they come home one night and find Ted entertaining a bevy of prostitutes, one of whom has made a poo on their living room floor (I kid you not!!!).

Ted is shown the door, but John makes sure that he has an apartment of his own and finds him in a job in a grocery store.

But, to Lori’s dismay, Ted and John still spend a vast amount of time together and this infuriates her.

Add Ted’s skanky girlfriend,  Tami-Lyn,  and a stalker who wants to “acquire” Ted for his twisted son to the equation, and you can just imagine how funny things get!  Throw a wild cocaine snorting party, Ted’s kidnapping, Lori leaving John,  and an appearance by Flash Gordon, John and Ted’s childhood hero into the mix, and you have a movie guaranteed to delight.

Distributed by Universal, and co-written and produced by Seth MacFarlane, the movie was released,  countrywide,  on 24 August.

The film is classified 16 S L N D P. Definitely NOT for the youngsters, but I think the 18+ teens and adults will laugh their butts off!

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