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Written by Joy Dembo on . Posted in 2013

“Mama” Almost sent me into cardiac Arrest!

I am not a fan of horror movies, in general, but I am a big girl and I’m quite over the days when I did the 4 minute mile in 10 seconds, from the door of my bedroom to my bed, in case the evil spirit hiding under my bed got me, so I wasn’t too phased about the prospect of seeing Mama.

I mean how bad could it be?  I got through Paranormal Activity, with just chewing 2 of my expensive acrylic nails off, so how much worse could Mama be?

The simple answer is MUCH WORSE! Mama makes Paranormal Activity look like Mother Goose!  Suffice it to say, I was terrified out of my wits, and I could still feel my heart palpating all the way home.

However, if you are like my daughter and her husband, and live for horror movies, you are going to love this one.

The movie was produced by J. Miles Dale and Barbara Muschietti, with Guillermo Del Toro as Executive Producer.  And, as all horror movie lovers know, you don’t get better than Guillermo when it comes to pure, unadulterated spine-chilling horror.

The film starts at the beginning of the 2008 global financial crisis, when a troubled man, Jeffrey,  murders his estranged wife and his business partners and kidnaps makes off with his two daughters, 3-year old Victoria and her baby sister, Lilly.  He drives like a bat out of hell and loses control of the car on the ice and snow covered roads.  The car leaves the road and crashes into the dense woods.  Fortunately, they survive, but the father has a treacherous plan to kill his kids and then put an end to his own life.

They find an abandoned cabin, and go inside,  and just as he is about to shoot Victoria, an eerie spectre materialises out of the darkness,  grabs him and kills him and the girls are left in the middle of nowhere to fend for themselves.

Or were they fending for themselves?

Eventually, after a 5 year search by their dad’s brother, they are found, living an animal-like existence.  They are rescued and partially rehabilitated.  Their Uncle Lucas, (Played by Nikolaj Coster-Waldau) and his girlfriend, Annabel (Played by Jessica Chastain) are given custody of the girls and the couple prepare themselves for the difficult task of “taming” the girls and gaining their trust, but it seems that they are not the only ones that have an interest in the girls well-being, as strange and frightening occurrences start taking place.

Their psychiatrist, Dr. Richard Dreyfuss, (Played by Daniel Kash), uncovers some interesting and frightening facts, whilst researching a 19th century inhabitant of a long forgotten mental  asylum, and starts putting the frightening pieces of the puzzle together.

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