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Identity Thief

Written by Joy Dembo on . Posted in 2013

Identity Thief is Absolutely Hilarious

Directed by Seth Gordon and written by Craig Mazin, Identity Thief is a comedy drama which will have you howling with laughter.

Starring the latest comedy sensation, Melissa McCarthy, of Bridesmaids fame, this movie is a real laugh a minute.

The movie begins when Sandy Patterson, (played by Jason Batemen), a young financial guy, who is really being exploited by his greedy, tactless bosses, gets a call from a woman who tells him that someone has attempted to steal his identity and if he wants to protect himself against this happening again he needs to enroll with an identity protection service.  He falls for it hook, line and sinker and gives her all his personal details, including his date of birth, and social security number.

Enter Diana (played by Melissa McCarthy)! She is the lady that called Sandy Patterson and she is a professional identity thief.  She has a nifty little credit card and driver’s license printing gadget and in no time she is in a bar buying drinks for everyone with Sandy’s money!

Slowly but surely, Sandy starts realising that something is amiss!  He gets a call from a beauty salon confirming his appointment, his credit card is declined at a gas station, as there are no funds available and he gets arrested for contempt of court, as he did not show up at a Florida Court on an assault charge! When he protests violently that he has not been anywhere near Florida, the police officer requests a mug shot of Sandy Paterson, and when he sees that “Sandy Patterson” is actually a woman, he informs the real Sandy that his identity has been stolen, and that rectifying the problem is easier said than done.

Sandy ends up in a whole heap of trouble when Diana becomes involved with a couple of drug dealers and when he stands to lose his job, he decides the time has come to go to Florida, find Diana and bring her back home with him to set the record straight.

His pretty young wife Trish (played by Amanda Peet) is reluctant to let him go, but he assures her he will be ok and convinces her that this is his last chance to clear his name.  

From Sandy’s first encounter with Diana, things go horribly and hilariously awry and the ensuing journey home is full of pitfalls but the tenacious and perseverant Sandy holds on to the slimy, but lovable Diana, for dear life!

Besides being fun, fun and more fun, this movie puts across an important life lesson and makes one realise that many a truth can be said in jest.  It highlights how difficult it is to get your good name back once it has been stolen, and the moral of the story is “NEVER give your personal details to a stranger over the phone”.  

The movie was released on Friday, 22 March, at cinemas countrywide, just in time for the Easter Weekend.

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