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Little One

Written by Joy Dembo on . Posted in 2013

Little One is a heartbreaking, yet touching South African Movie

To say this movie is enjoyable is not strictly accurate as the movie deals with the very enjoyable topic of child rape, but I can confidently say that this movie is captivating.

To be honest, this is one of the best movies I have seen in a long time.  It embraced my soul and left me pondering its message for days.

Set in a Johannesburg township, the movie begins when a couple of kids playing in the veld come across the near dead body of a little girl.

They call the mother of one of the children, who lifts the little girl and sees she is still clinging to life, by a thread!  The woman is hysterical and hails a cab to rush her to the nearest hospital, where she discovers that the child has been raped and badly beaten.

Despite her gruff and intolerant husband’s warnings and threats not to get involved with the child, Paulina, the woman who saved her life, is drawn to this little girl and cant help herself.  

Nobody claims the little girl and Paulina visits her regularly and gradually breaks through the little girl’s veneer of shyness and fear, and befriends her.

A strong bond forms between the little girl, named Vuyelwa and Paulina.

Dark secrets and surprises follow, leading one to wonder who is actually saving who.

With rape, and child rape and murder in particular, being very real problems in South Africa, with horrifying daily statistics, this movie is topical and shocking, but it also displays deep feelings of Ubuntu and love and has some funny and touching moments that will have you laughing, crying and feeling fuzzy all over.

It shows how poverty and hope are still very much alive in South Africa, and truly demonstrates that “sometimes healing comes from the most unexpected places”

Lindewe Ndlovu gives a sterling performance as the submissive yet determined and Paulina and little Vuyelwa Msimang is a star in the making!

The movie was directed by Darrel Roodt and released through UIP.  

It is currently showing at theatres countrywide and is classified 13M V.

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