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Written by Joy Dembo on . Posted in 2013

Trishna is a tragic and thought-provoking movie, based on Thomas Hardy’s classic novel, Tess of the d’Urbavilles, and directed by acclaimed director, Michael Winterbottom.

Young, beautiful, innocent and protected, Trishna (played by Freido Pinto) comes from a poor rural background, but works part time in a hotel in Rajastan, on weekends.  It is there that she meets wealthy, good looking, British businessman, Jay Singh

(played by Riz Ahmed), and her life changes forever.  Jay has come to India to work in his father’s hotel business, and captivated by Trishna’s beauty and innocence, he offers her a job.

But, one night Trishna succumbs to his advances, which complicates matters, and leaves her filled with regrets.  The on again, off again relationship leads Trishna to the high life in Mumbai.  For a while she is happy, spoilt and deeply in love. But, this is short-lived as revelations and circumstances change Jay’s demeanor, and he starts using Trishna as a sex slave.

The movie is heavy going and demonstrates the stark class differences in India.  It left me feeling very pensive and sad.  It is a story of love, heartbreak and abuse, culminating in a shocking, but spectacularly filmed ending.

I enjoyed the complexities in the movie, but I dwelt on the events for days.  It is that thought provoking!

Definitely an adults only movie, Trishna has been classified 16 SV.

If you are a fan of Cinema Nouveau, do yourself a favour and go and see Trishna.

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