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Star Trek

Written by Joy Dembo on . Posted in 2013

I am officially a “Trekkie”, after watching “Star Trek Into Darkness”

When Star Trek was seriously HOT, in my long-forgotten youth, I really want much of a “Trekkie”.  I was far more of a Star Wars fan, but somehow this movie just got under my skin!  I was sold from beginning to end and didn’t even notice how long it was, as I was having so much fun.

This Sci-fi movie is the sequel to the 2009 Star Trek film, but it can stand alone, as far as I am concerned.  Directed by the acclaimed J.J. Abrams, the screenplay was written by Roberto Orci, Alex Kurtzman and Damon Lindelof, and was based on Gene Roddenberry’s original Star Trek Series.

All the old familiar characters are very much present in this movie, if played by somewhat younger actors.

Who could forget Captain Kirk and First Officer Mr Spock, of the Starship Enterprise???

The movie begins with the Enterprise surveying a planet in the Nibiru system, largely inhabited by a primitive tribe. Spock (Played by Zachary Quinto) has descended onto the surface of the planet to prevent a volcanic eruption and finds himself in grave danger.  He is willing to die for the sake of the mission, but Kirk (Played by Chris Pine) decides to breach protocol and swoops down to save him, and in so doing reveals the Enterprise to the inhabitants.

On their return to Earth, Kirk is severely sanctioned for this breach, and demoted for his trouble. Admiral Christopher Pike is reinstated as the commander of the enterprise, but manages to persuade the powers that be to allow Kirk to rejoin the crew as First Officer.

After the bombing of one of their installations in London, Pike and Kirk attend a meeting of Star Fleet Commanders, to discuss how they are going to find the perpetrator, former Star Fleet Commander, John Harrison (Played by Benedict Cumberbatch). Unfortunately, the delegates at the meeting find themselves under attack, and in the furore Pike is killed.

Kirk is reinstated as the Captain of the Enterprise, with Mr Spock as his First Officer, and their mission is to hunt down Harrison, who isn’t the person he appears to be, and has escaped to Kronos, which is inhabited by the dreaded Klingons.  

And, the adventure begins….

The 3D effects, spectacular space chases, explosions, hand to hand combat, gun battles and sci-fi creatures are breathtaking and will keep you firmly rooted to the edge of your seat.

Suitable for adults and kids alike, this Paramount spectacular releases at cinemas countrywide on 07 May.  

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