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Pain & Gain

Written by Joy Dembo on . Posted in 2013

Pain and Gain is a hysterically funny movie, based on the not so funny true story, written by Pete Collins.  The characters in the movie are comically brainless, and because of their utter stupidity end up torturing and murdering a number of wealthy people, so they can live the “American Dream”.  The original plan was to extort money from their victims, but when you are dealing with perpetrators who are all brawn and no brains, things can, and did, go horribly wrong.

Daniel Lugo (played by Mark Wahlberg), a petty criminal and well built fitness fanatic is employed by Sun Gym in Florida, USA and befriends fellow trainer,  Adrian Doorbal, (played by Anthony Mackie). Lugo lusts after the lifestyle of one of his clients, Victor Kershaw (played by Tony Shalhoub), and inspired by motivational speaker, Johnny Wu (played by Ken Jeong), Lugo conspires,  with Doorbal, to kidnap Kershaw and get him to sign his assets over to them.

Lugo recruits equally well-built Paul Doyle (played by Dwayne Johnson), a cocaine addict who has recently been released from prison, to join them and share in the spoils.
After several incredibly funny failed attempts to kidnap Kershaw, the gang finally manages to capture him, but even though Kershaw is blind folded and the gang disguises their voices, he recognizes Lugo’s aftershave.  Eventually, after being mentally and physically tortured, the gang gets Kershaw to sign over his assets, but they decide that since he knows who they are, he will have to be killed.  

But, once again, due to the ineptness of the trio, they can’t even get that right, and after several failed attempts at murdering their victim, they finally believe they have left him for dead…. BUT, they are mistaken!

After squandering the spoils, they decide to pull off another “job”, which goes horribly and comically wrong, and results in two people losing their lives. The subsequent dismembering of the bodies, and capture and arrest of the three makes for a very funny, if somewhat bizarre film.

Add  Doyle’s sexy stripper girlfriend and the highly comical Rebel Wilson  to the mix and the silliness reaches new levels of hilarity.

Produced by Donald De Line and directed by Michael Bay, Paramount’s latest comedy/thriller has been classified 16 LVSD and was released countrywide on Friday, 23 August 2013.

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