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The Purge

Written by Joy Dembo on . Posted in 2013

Don’t Miss The Purge!

If you have ever wanted to kill someone or even beat them up, watch The Purge and maybe you wont be so keen on violence any more ;-)

This science fiction thriller had me on the edge of my seat, chewing my expensive acrylic nails off, from start to finish!

It’s the year 2022 and crime and unemployment in the USA have hit an all time low, and the Government attributes this to the Annual Purge.

  One night a year everyone gets the opportunities to purge themselves in any way they please, including murder, rape, robbery…you name it… its all legal for one night only!  No retribution, no punishment!  You can literally run amok.

The story centres around the family of James Sandin (played by Ethan Hawke), a wealthy man, who has made his fortune selling home security systems. He lives in an elite San Francisco suburb,  and for him the Purge has been a wonderful way of making big money, as his systems are specifically designed to keep people safe during the Purge.

On the night of the Purge, the Sandin family prepares as usual, locks down their home, and settles down to watch the Purge footage on TV, and keep an eye on the security cameras, which give them a view of what’s going on outside their home. Zoey, (played by Adelaide Kane) their teenage daughter, is in a relationship with Henry, who is older than her, and not much liked by her parents.  Charlie (played by Max Burkholder) their son, an electronics buff, has made a robot car, with sound and a video camera.  The robot can be remote controlled and stealthily moves around the house, giving Charlie a birds eye view of everything in the robot’s path.

As Purge night begins, Charlie sees and hears a desperate stranger (played by Edward Hodge) outside the house, pleading for help, as he is being pursued and faces imminent death. Much to his parents shock and annoyance, Charlie deactivates the security shield and lets the stranger in.

Meanwhile Henry, Zoey’s boyfriend, has also managed to stay in the house, undetected, hoping to win the respect of Zoey’s parents, whilst he has them as a captive audience.

When a group of crazy, armed, masked and extremely dangerous vigilantes demand that the homeless stranger be given to them, so they can kill him, as part of their annual purge ritual, the family becomes embroiled in a dangerous game of cat and mouse, which ends in murder and mayhem.

Add a gang of jealous and resentful neighbours to the equation, and the movie takes a strange, but deadly twist.
The movie is incredibly violent and features some very bloody and gory scenes, showing the worst example of man’s inhumanity to man. There are, however, some valuable lessons to be learnt.

Written and directed by James de Monaco, and distributed by Universal Films, this movie will definitely hold your attention until the surprising end.

Rated 16V, The Purge releases on Friday, 11 October 2013, at cinemas, countrywide.

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