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Ride Along

Written by Joy Dembo on . Posted in 2014

Ride Along is Hilarious!

Universal’s new comedy release, Ride Along is well worth seeing if you are looking for a good laugh!

Ben Barber, (played by Kevin Hart) is a school security guard and he is in love with the gorgeous Angela Payton (played by Tika Sumpter).  His dream is to join the Atlanta Police Department, and he is over the moon when he is accepted as a trainee.  He also plans to marry Angela, but he needs the approval of her older brother, James, (played by Ice Cube),  who is a detective with the Atlanta PD.

James is not easily impressed and decides to take Ben with him on a 24 hour patrol,  so Ben can prove himself to be a worthy husband for Angela. James decides to have some fun with the fast talking Ben,  and secretly asks control to give him all the petty crime cases, and leads Ben into some difficult, but hilarious situations.  Just when it looks like Ben isn’t going to “make the grade”,  the two pick up some valuable clues which lead to the closure of a drug related case that James has been working on for three years.  Together they bring down the elusive, Omar (played by Laurance Fishburne), and Ben “earns his stripes” with James.

Kevin Hart and Ice Cube complement each other perfectly, and the result is some extremely funny scenes.  I guarantee you will come out of this movie chuckling.

The movie was directed by Tim Story, and releases on Friday, 21 February at theatres, countrywide, and is classified 13 LV.

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