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Noah – a 2014 Biblical Epic!

Written by Joy Dembo on . Posted in 2014

As a child, I remember my mom detesting the big biblical epics and my dad taking me with him to see the likes of Ben Hur and The Bible.  I developed a love for these movies, and still remember them fondly, 50 years later. 

After seeing Darren Aronofsky’s Noah, I am confident that this movie will join the ranks of the past epics!  

Having seen the movie, I felt compelled to do some research into Noah.  I mean we all know that he built the Ark, but what does the average man in the street know about the man himself?  In my case, very little.  My research led me to the conclusion that Aronofsky’s story is a pretty accurate modern day account of the story of Biblical Noah, but with some creative expression and interpretation of Jewish Midrashic literature thrown in to fill the gaps.

In my opinion, the result is a sensational movie!  My advice is to take the movie at face value… don’t go in with any preconceived notions and don’t question the story.  Just enjoy it.  It’s a really great adventure!

The movie begins with a young Noah witnessing his father, Lamech, a descendant of Adam and Eve’s third son, Seth, being murdered by Tubal-Cain, a descendant of Adam and Eve’s Second son, Cain.  And so the themes of good versus bad and evil versus righteous begin. Tubal-Cain then removes an ancient snake skin, which had been passed down from Adam to Seth and his descendants from Lamech’s body, while the young Noah watches, from his hiding place behind a rock.

Some years later Noah (played by Russell Crowe) is an adult man, living with his wife and three sons, Shem, Ham and Japhet.  He is plagued by dreams of the destruction of the world and decides to visit his grandfather, Methusala (played by Anthony Hopkins), and try and find answers.

In spectacular 3D, Noah finds the wisdom he needs to build the Ark, ably assisted by his family, his adopted daughter,  named Ille (Played by Emma Watson, of Harry Potter fame), and a number of giant fallen angels, known as Watchers.   The scenes showing the birds, reptiles, mammals and insects entering the Ark and being lulled into a deep sleep with incense made by Noah’s wife, Naameh (played by Jennifer Connely), are nothing short of awe-inspiring. After fighting off Tubal-Cain and his evil masses, the Ark floats off as water explodes from the earth and the rains begin.

But, before Noah boards the Ark, he is deeply disturbed by the inhumane and barbaric way in which Tubal-Cain and his followers are living, and feels sure that the Creator wants only the animals to survive, and so begins an inner torment that drives Noah to become a depressed and psychotic individual, with near tragic results.

The eventual outcome is for you to enjoy and marvel at, as the movie draws to its heartwarming and beautiful close.

As with all Biblical stories, there are many lessons to be learnt from the story of Noah. Aronofsky, assisted by Ari Handel and Paramount Pictures, have a sure fire winner with this film!

I asked my 30-year old daughter who she thought would have been the perfect actor to play Noah, and after giving it some thought, she said “Russel Crowe”!  I almost fell off my chair, but she confirmed my thoughts that Russel Crowe was born to play this role.  His performance is nothing short of brilliant!
It’s a long movie, so prepare yourself for a full afternoon or evening’s entertainment…lots of popcorn and coke and relax and enjoy!

The movie released on Friday, 04 April at cinemas countrywide.

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