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Written by Joy Dembo on . Posted in 2014

Konfetti is an awesome SA Movie that is going to have you rolling in the aisles with laughter! (RITAWL!)

Lukas (Played by Louw Venter, who also wrote the movie) is set to be the best man at Jean (Played by Nico Panagiotopoulos) and Sheryl’s (Played by Casey B. Dolan) wedding.  He is also the organiser of their “perfect” wedding, at a stylish Stellenbosch wine farm.  But, Lukas has a drinking problem and a reputation for screwing things up, and the wedding day is no exception…

Add to the scenario the fact that Jean comes from a “regte Afrikaanse familie” and Sheryl from a Jewish family, and you have a very funny movie!

The coup de gras comes when Lukas realises that he hasn’t confirmed the band and has to book the first available band he can find, not realising that the singer is Bianca (brilliantly played by Kim Engelbrecht), the bride’s absolute nemesis!  

And, that’s not all! Lukas’s girlfriend, the “ordentlike” Christine, Sheryl’s uncle and aunt who fly in from England with the ring, and subsequently get lost on their way to “Stellenbush”, and two extremely badly behaved kids who are intent on ruining the wedding, add to the hilarity.

The venue manager is played by Casper de Vries who adds his own personal brand of humour to the mix!

I really enjoyed Konfetti!  It’s light-hearted and fun and has an unexpected, but “awwww” ending.

I defy you to walk out of this movie with anything but a huge smile on your dial.

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