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Wish I was Here

Written by Joy Dembo on . Posted in 2014

To fully appreciate this  movie you need to be Jewish as it features a lot of Jewish shtick only a Jewish audience would understand, but having said that, it’s a heartwarming and extremely humorous movie that anyone with a sense of humour and a heart would enjoy.

This comedy drama was written and directed by the leading actor, Zach Braff, and tells the story of Aidan Bloom, a struggling actor, who is married to the gorgeous but troubled Sarah (played by Kate Hudson) The couple has 2 kids, Grace and Tucker.  

The kids are attending a religious Jewish school, which Grace loves and Tucker tolerates.  Aidan and Sarah haven’t completely bought into the whole “Jewish thing”, as they are really Jewish by birth only, but respect Sarah’s views and religious convictions.

The school is not cheap, and when Aidan’s father Saul (brilliantly played by Mandy Patinkin, of Homeland fame) has a cancer relapse and is no longer able to pay the school fees, Aidan has to do some serious soul searching.  He is plagued by all sorts of demons of his own, and is fighting a constant battle to reunite his brilliant but “off the wall” brother with his judgmental, but loving father, as the two have not spoken to one another in years.
Eventually, the couple decide that it would be in the children’s interest for Aidan to home school the children, as the public schools in the area leave a lot to be desired.

When Aidan finds that conventional teaching methods are not working because his daughter is smarter than he is and his son is just not interested, he decides to adopt a different approach, which makes for a very entertaining movie!

The movie was released on 1 August on the Art Circuit, countrywide.
If you feel like laughing, crying and feeling fuzzy all over, go and see this show. 

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