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Written by Joy Dembo on . Posted in 2014

Boyhood – A Very Special Movie

Boyhood is one of those unforgettable movies.  It’s the epic journey of a young boy’s life, shot over a mammoth 11 year period.

The movie begins in 2002 when Mason Evans (played by Ellar Coltraine) is 6 years old.  He and his older sister, Samantha (played by Lorelei Linklater), live in Texas with their divorced mom, Olivia (Played by Patricia Arquette).  

Olivia wants to return to University so she can complete her studies and get a good job so she can give her children and herself a better life.

The children are not at all happy as they don’t want to leave their friends and familiar surroundings, and little Mason is very worried that when their dad wants to visit them, he wont know where they are.

And so the journey begins. 

Over the 11 years we see Olivia remarry twice, we follow the life of the children’s dad, who also remarries, and most importantly we see the trials and tribulations, achievements and disappointments of two young children growing up in America.  

This movie is one of a kind as the same cast appears in the entire movie.  It has some sad and poignant moments and some highs that will have you grinning from ear to ear.  It will send you on trip down memory lane, remembering your own childhood, teen years and adulthood, and for those of us who have grown up children, it will remind you of moments in your own kid’s lives.

The movie is understandably very long, but you are guaranteed to love every single moment.  It’s more of a chick flick but that’s not to say that the guys won’t enjoy it too.

The movie was directed by Richard Linklater, who has been praised for this landmark production.

The movie opened on 5 September at cinemas countrywide and it is classified 16 LV.

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