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50 Shades of Grey

Written by Joy Dembo on . Posted in 2015

50 Shades of Grey is very tame erotic drama, and definitely worth seeing

So, we all gathered to see the much anticipated 50 Shades of Grey movie yesterday, just ahead of its Worldwide Release today. We had been warned that it was not as bad as everyone was expecting, so I went into the screening with an open, but curious mind.

I have not read E.L. James best selling novels, so I guess I was able to take this movie at face value, and I think that was in my favour.  I had read about the horrific sado masochistic scenes in the movie and heard all kinds of hype, and to be honest… it just never happened, so if you are hoping to see torture, brutality, blood, agonising screams, and smutty, debauched sex, you are going to be disappointed, as the sex in this movie is very tasteful and a far cry from what everyone expects.

Released by Universal, and directed by Sam Taylor-Johnson, the film is, however, an erotic drama, and does have some steamy sex scenes, but all one ever sees is boobs and bums and nothing more… yes, there are hints of dominance and submissive behaviour but in a very watered down, made for general release way.

Anastasia Steele (played by Dakota Johnson) is a pretty young English literature college student, who is about to graduate and embark on a career, possibly in Seattle, close to the University town she lives in.  Her friend Kate, a journalism student, is set to interview Christian Grey, (played by Jamie Dornan)  a wealthy, charismatic, and extremely HOT self made Billionaire, but she takes ill and asks Ana to go in her place.  

Ana arrives at Grey’s towering skyscraper and immediately feels inadequate in this high flying, polished,  professional, corporate environment, but although she is not flashy and dressed in a tight slinky black number and stilettos, like the other women in the building, Grey is captivated by her beautiful but innocent demeanour and there is an immediate attraction between them.

Grey is so smitten that he pursues the young girl, who is flattered and overwhelmed by the attentions of  Seattle’s hottest bachelor and starts falling hard for him, but a shock awaits her… Grey has a twisted little secret and Ana is not sure whether this is a path she wants to embark on. From hot passion to a potentially dark and dominating relationship, this movie will no doubt entertain you till the credits roll at the very end.

The movie is suitable for adults and older teens and won’t offend mixed audiences…. So grab your spouse, partner or your girlfriends and go and see it!  I believe that over 90k tickets have already been sold in SA, so you may find that it’s fully booked for this Valentine’s weekend, but I have a feeling that it’s going to be showing at cinemas countrywide for quite a while!

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