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Written by Joy Dembo on . Posted in 2015

Don’t be fooled by the title – this movie has nothing to do with trains!

Universal’s latest offering is a complex romantic comedy with the confusing title “Trainwreck”.  In fact the movie has nothing to do with trains, but rather the somewhat train wrecked life of Amy Townsend.

The movie begins with Gordon Townsend (Colin Quinn) explaining to his young daughters, Amy and Kim that he and their mom are getting a divorce because he finds monogamy boring and unrealistic.

Fast forward 23 years and Amy is living a somewhat debauched lifestyle.  She is a party animal who is more often than not stoned, drunk and promiscuous.

Her sister, Kim, is the exact opposite.  She’s married to a standup guy, and step mom to an annoyingly precocious little boy.  They are a carbon copy of the Brady Bunch, and represent everything that Amy despises.

Amy works for a Men’s Magazine, reporting to Dianna (Tilda Swanson), who is the original bitch goddess from hell. Amy is assigned to an article on Sports Doctor, Aaron Connors (Bill Hader), even though she finds sport stupid and really doesn’t want to do the article.

Meanwhile Kim (Brie Larson) and Amy are moving their dad to an assisted living facility as he has multiple sclerosis.

Fun and games follow as Amy and Aaron predictably fall in love even though they are so different, and experience some hiccups along the way, and Amy and Kim disagree on the type of home to put their dad in, as Kim resents him for cheating on their mother and being a drunk, whilst Amy is more sympathetic.
This movie is a complex mix of different family and relationship dynamics and will keep you entertained and amused from start to finish.

Lebron James stars in the movie as one of Aaron’s patients and there are lots of cameo appearances by sports stars and actors including Daniel Radcliffe, Marisa Tomei, Chris Evert and Matthew Broderick.
The movie was written by Amy Schumer and directed by Judd Apatow and is being released on Friday, 14 August at cinemas countrywide.

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