Written by Joy Dembo on . Posted in 2016

Remember is a very special movie

Being Jewish, obviously, the subject matter of this drama is very close to my heart, but it’s a poignant film that will touch the hearts of everyone who has the privilege of seeing it.

The movie begins in an American old aged home/frail care facility. Zev Guttman (Played by Christopher Plummer), is an Auschwitz survivor who has just lost his wife, but since he is suffering from dementia, he keeps forgetting that she is dead and continually calls out for her.

Max Rosenbaum (played by Martin Landau) knows Guttman form their Auschwitz days and reminds him that a blockfuhrer by the name of Otto Wallisch murdered both their families and then immigrated to America, and changed his name to Rudy Kurlander. Since Max is confined to a wheelchair he convinces Zev to find Wallisch and seek revenge for the atrocities he committed during the war.

Max has researched the name Rudy Kurlander and tells Zev that there are four people with that name in the US and Canada, and one of them may be Wallisch. He provides Zev with concise instructions on how to locate the four, and a sum of money to buy a gun, and for transport and living expenses. Max has planned this down to the last detail.

Zev sets out, without the knowledge of his family, who become frantic when they hear that he is missing, and whenever his memory fails him, he reads the notes Max has given him, and continues on with his mission.

Remember is a real must-see. Plummer’s performance is nothing short of brilliant and following the elderly man’s journey will keep you glued to the screen for the duration of the movie, which has a few surprises and a mammoth twist that I really didn’t see coming!

The movie was written by Benjamin August, directed by Atom Egan and produced by Robert and Ari Lantos, and is classified 13 LPV.

The film opens on Friday, 18 March, at cinemas countrywide.

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