The Boss

Written by Joy Dembo on . Posted in 2016

Any movie starring Melissa McCarthy has to be funny, and this one is no exception. Although not in the league of Bridesmaids, Identity Theft or Spy, there are some hilarious scenes and the movie is an easy watch.

Michelle Darnell (played by Melissa McCarthy) suffers from a rejection complex after spending most of her youth in a children’s home, and not being able to bond with a stream of potential adoptive parents.

She decides that she doesn’t need people, and that she is going to make a success of her life, no matter what!


She makes Billions and fills huge auditoriums with people eager to learn how to make big money.

However, her ex-lover (played by Peter Dinklage) reports her for Insider Trading and Michelle goes to prison. When she is released, she is literally destitute and turns to her former assistant, Claire (played by Kristen Bell) for help. Claire has no fondness for Michelle, who didn’t treat her very well during the time she worked for her, but Claire’s young daughter, Rachel (played by Ella Anderson), persuades her mom not to put Michelle out in the street.

And, so begins the hilarious adventure of Michelle clawing her way back up to the top with the aid of Claire and Rachel.

Her rise from the ashes, like a proverbial phoenix, centers around a girl scout group, and Claire’s baking skills, but if you want to know more, grab the older kids and go and see this film! It’s lighthearted fun for the whole family.

The film was directed by Ben Falcone (McCarthy’s husband), produced by Adam McKay and released by Universal Studios.

The movie releases on 27 May at theatres countrywide and is classified 13 L.


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