Girls Trip

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Girls Trip is one of the funniest movies I’ve seen in a long time. Hardly a minute went by, without me howling with laughter. This is genuinely entertaining stuff. I’m not a fan of slap stick. I prefer clever comedy, and this movie just did it for me. But, don’t get me wrong, it’s not all giggles, it’s a heart-warming movie, which conveys some great life lessons.

Viceroy's House

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Viceroy’s House is one of those historical dramas that stirs your soul and tears at your heart. It is based on the actual events, preceding India gaining independence from Colonial Britain in 1947, and begins with the arrival of Lord Mountbatten (Hugh Bonneville) and his family, who have been tasked with overseeing the transition.

The Odyssey

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This movie tells the story of the renowned oceanographer, Jacques Cousteau and his epic life, exploring and researching the oceans and marine life.

Credited with inventing the aqua lung which enabled scuba diving, and the ability to explore the depths of the ocean, his journey began when his wife and family encouraged him to leave the Navy and follow his passion.

Despicable Me 3

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Oh boy! It’s Gru x 2!

In the third movie in the Despicable Me Franchise, the evil villain Gru, who is now an upstanding citizen, employed by the AVL (Anti Villain League), married to colleague, Lucy, and dad to three adopted girls, discovers that he has a twin brother. His mom and dad divorced when the twins were babies, and each parent took one of the children.

The movie begins with Gru thwarting super villain Bratt’s attempt at stealing the world’s largest diamond, but fails to capture him, and as a result, he and Lucy are fired from the AVL.

The Minions are eager for Gru to return to a life of villainy and when he refuses, they walk out on him.

Soon after this, Gru is approached by his twin brother, Dru’s, butler who tells him that he has a brother and he would like to meet him.

Stunned to hear that he has a brother, Gru, Lucy and the girls set off to meet Dru. Dru is fabulously wealthy and Gru soon finds out that his wealth does not come from the pig farm he uses as a front for his villainy!

Meanwhile Bratt has managed to steal the diamond again, and Dru cleverly manipulates Gru into helping him steal the diamond back, however, Dru and Gru have very different agendas.

The antics of the two brothers, Lucy and the girls, who are once again joined by the minions, makes for an absolutely hilariously funny and highly entertaining movie which will provide 90 minutes of superb entertainment for the whole family.

Gru and Dru are voiced by the talented Steve Carrol and Lucy is voiced by Kristen Wiig.

The movie is Universal Pictures latest 3D offering and is being released just in time for the Gauteng School Holidays.

The film is directed by Pierre Coffin and Kyle Balda and written by Cinco Paul and Ken Daurio.

The movie opens on 30 June at cinemas countrywide.

The Mummy

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As a student of Archaeology many moons ago, I naturally found The Mummy fascinating.

Although the basic theme of the First Mummy movie is similar, the storyline is completely different, and in fact, most of the action takes place in modern day London.

The movie begins in 11th century England as a Crusader Knight is being ritually buried and a glowing orange stone is placed in his crypt.

The action then shifts to ancient Egypt, where Egyptian Princess Ahmanet, (Sophia Boutella) daughter of Pharaoh Menehptre is in line to succeed her father, until he remarries and his new wife bears a son. Ahmanet is furious and in order to ensure her place as Queen, she sells her soul to the god Set. She kills her father, his wife and the new born infant, and is preparing to kill her lover, when she is seized, mummified and buried alive, with flesh eating scarab beetles. So evil is she considered to be, the ancient Egyptians buried her in Mesopotamia, far away from Egypt.

Fast forward to modern day Iraq, where Nick Morton (Tom Cruise) and his team of soldiers of fortune accidentally uncover the tomb of Ahmanet. Archeologist, Jenny (Annabelle Wallis), considers the tomb to be a great find, but also knows that something evil is lurking under the mercury covering the tomb. Nick, however, decides to activate the mechanism which brings the sarcophagus to the surface, and they all fly to London with the Sarcophagus, but strange things happen during the flight and the plane crashes. Nick and Jenny survive, and visit the lab of Dr Henry Jekyll (of Jekyll and Hyde fame), (Russell Crowe) and the adventure begins. Dr Jekyll heads up a secret society involved in hunting supernatural threats, and what follows is thrilling and chilling.

A brilliant cast, combined with spectacular special effects make this movie a must see, especially for lovers of the horror/zombie/supernatural genre.

The film was directed by Alex Kurtzman and released by Universal Pictures.

The movie releases on Friday, 09 June and is classified V.

Fast & Furious 8

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Fans of the Fast Franchise are going to love Universal’s latest offering. It’s everything you have come to expect from Fast & Furious and more!

Dom and Letty are on honeymoon in Cuba and the rest of the team are living a relatively normal life, when a cunning and beautiful woman (played by Charlize Theron), approaches Dom on the streets of Cuba and lures him into a world of crime and terrorism, and a betrayal of those closest to him.


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Fences is an extraordinary movie!

The movie is set in 1950’s Pittsburgh and tells the moving story of Troy Maxon’s life and his relationships with his family and friends.

The story is as moving and heart wrenching, as it is hilariously funny in parts.

Troy (played by Denzel Washington),his wife Rose(played by Viola Davis) and their teenage son Cory (played by Jovan Adepo) live in a lower middle class house in Pittsburgh. He works as a garbage collector with his best friend, Jim Bono (played by Stephen Henderson). He also has an older son who visits him now and then, especially when he wants to borrow money. Troy’s older brother Gabe also plays a prominent role in his life. Gabriel sustained a head injury during WW II, which left him mentally handicapped. He is a tormented, funny, childlike individual that stirs emotions of comedy and sadness.


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Finally after the long 12 year gap, the third instalment in The Ring franchise is here. The hype around the film has been building for years and I must say that I was satisfied with the new offering from director F. Javier Gutiérrez.

We say goodbye to the previous cast of Naomi Watts and David Dorfman in the first two films, and say hello to a fresh new ensemble comprised of Matilda Anna Ingrid Lutz, Alex Roe and Johnny Galecki.


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Multiple Personality Disorder is a strange and frightening phenomenon that has afflicted deeply troubled individuals for centuries. The Psychiatric profession has long researched this affliction and it often stems from a childhood filled with abuse and terror. Because it is fascinating and bizarre, film makers have used it as a theme in many movies. The most notable of which, in my mind, is Sybil, with Sally Field.

M. Knight Shyamalan has used this phenomenon as the inspiration for his latest Psychological Thriller, Split. Known for his use of the shock factor in his movies, he has used it very effectively in this movie, which seriously puts the PHYCO in Psychological and the THRILL in thriller. I wouldn’t really call it a horror movie, in the true sense of horror, although there is a slight element of the super natural, or rather super human, particularly towards the end.

I bit all two of my expensive acrylic nails off, during this movie! There just isn’t a moment that doesn’t have you on the brink of heart failure.


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A true masterpiece!

I love period movies, and the war years were a feast of historical devastation, drama, sadness, romance, harshness, and a never ending struggle for survival. Looking back on that era, I am fascinated by the enormity of the challenges that people lived through, battling to stay alive, but somehow living their lives to the fullest, presumably because they knew that each day could be their last. Fear of the Nazi war machine was contrasted by the lavish lives the German elite and their followers lived. A life of luxury and privilege, filled with exquisite fashion, elegant old cars, magnificent décor, lavish balls, parties, promiscuous sex and drugs.