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A true masterpiece!

I love period movies, and the war years were a feast of historical devastation, drama, sadness, romance, harshness, and a never ending struggle for survival. Looking back on that era, I am fascinated by the enormity of the challenges that people lived through, battling to stay alive, but somehow living their lives to the fullest, presumably because they knew that each day could be their last. Fear of the Nazi war machine was contrasted by the lavish lives the German elite and their followers lived. A life of luxury and privilege, filled with exquisite fashion, elegant old cars, magnificent décor, lavish balls, parties, promiscuous sex and drugs.

It is against the backdrop of this era that Allied takes place. The film begins in Morocco in 1941, when Royal Canadian Airforce Intelligence Officer, Max VA tan and a French Resistance Fighter, Marianne Beausejour, come together to carry out a mission in Casablanca. She has escaped from France after her group is compromised and murdered. The pair pose as a married couple and their mission is to assassinate the German Ambassador at a party. Marianne bas been in Morocco for a while and has ingratiated herself with the Germans. She manages to secure an invitation for her “husband” who has been away for months on business. He is supposedly a Parisian and she grooms him into the politics of French Moroccan Society and fine tunes his Quebec French so that he passes as a Parisian.

Needless to say, the pair fall in love and once the mission has been successfully completed, Max asks Marianne to return to London with him and become his wife. They are married and they have a baby girl and then… a bizarre twist!

The storyline is gripping and I can guarantee you will be utterly engrossed from start to finish.

Brad Pitt and Marion Cotillard are superb in the roles of Max and Marianne and they are supported by a brilliant cast.

Another notch in Robert Zemekis’ impressive directing belt, and hats off to Stephen Knight, whose intriguing romantic thriller had me wondering whether it was based on a true story.

Released by Paramount Pictures, the movie opens in South Africa on Friday, 20 January and is classified 13 LSV.

Entertainment at its best… go and see it!

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