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Finally after the long 12 year gap, the third instalment in The Ring franchise is here. The hype around the film has been building for years and I must say that I was satisfied with the new offering from director F. Javier Gutiérrez.

We say goodbye to the previous cast of Naomi Watts and David Dorfman in the first two films, and say hello to a fresh new ensemble comprised of Matilda Anna Ingrid Lutz, Alex Roe and Johnny Galecki.

The film begins with the main character Julia (Matilda Anna Ingrid Lutz) making the tough decision to stay at home to take care of her mother and say goodbye to her boyfriend Holt (Alex Roe), who is moving away to go to college.

With the strong intention of keeping in touch with him, she quickly notices that he is becoming distant and unreachable and decides to make the trip to go and see him to catch up and make sure he is ok.

On arrival Julia discovers that Holt has taken on an extra credit assignment given to him by his Physics professor Gabriel (Johnny Galecki). On further investigation she learns that this assignment is more of a super natural experiment into the after effects on each subject by the haunting of an apparition known as Samara, after watching the short film as seen in the 1st two movies. The experiment is known as “The Samara Effect”.

Each test subject is monitored closely by Professor Gabriel, to record their experiences in the “7 Days” that they are given to live after watching the short film. The experiment works on the premise of the first movie that in order to survive the haunting past the 7 days, the subject needs to copy the film and show it to someone else known as a “tail”, in order to save themselves and pass on the curse.

When it becomes apparent that Holt is on his last day of the cycle and there is no “tail” to save him, Julia is forced to make the decision to watch the film in order to save Holt, from the horrifying death that the previous subject, who’s “tail” never arrived on time suffered, at the hands of Samara.

Julia, then starts to see frightening visions and is forced to watch a new sequence of the film that cannot be copied and is seemingly created just for her. Julia and Holt then follow the clues in her film in order to try and save Julia’s life with the help of Gabriel.

This film takes you on a terrifying journey into the past and original roots of Samara Morgan that leads up to why she became the apparition she is in the present day.
All in all a wild ride that fans of the franchise and of the Horror genre are bound to enjoy and relate to.

I must say that I would highly recommend that if you are new the Ring franchise, that you take the time to watch the first two films, as there are several visual references to them that in all honesty may not make sense if you haven’t watched the first two.


The movie opens at cinemas countrywide on Friday, 03 February ad is classified 13 HV.

Credit must be gtiven to my daughter, Dayle Dembo de Wal, (who has seen all three movies in this franchise and is a horror movie fund) for writing this review for me.

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