The Mummy

Written by Joy Dembo on . Posted in 2017

As a student of Archaeology many moons ago, I naturally found The Mummy fascinating.

Although the basic theme of the First Mummy movie is similar, the storyline is completely different, and in fact, most of the action takes place in modern day London.

The movie begins in 11th century England as a Crusader Knight is being ritually buried and a glowing orange stone is placed in his crypt.

The action then shifts to ancient Egypt, where Egyptian Princess Ahmanet, (Sophia Boutella) daughter of Pharaoh Menehptre is in line to succeed her father, until he remarries and his new wife bears a son. Ahmanet is furious and in order to ensure her place as Queen, she sells her soul to the god Set. She kills her father, his wife and the new born infant, and is preparing to kill her lover, when she is seized, mummified and buried alive, with flesh eating scarab beetles. So evil is she considered to be, the ancient Egyptians buried her in Mesopotamia, far away from Egypt.

Fast forward to modern day Iraq, where Nick Morton (Tom Cruise) and his team of soldiers of fortune accidentally uncover the tomb of Ahmanet. Archeologist, Jenny (Annabelle Wallis), considers the tomb to be a great find, but also knows that something evil is lurking under the mercury covering the tomb. Nick, however, decides to activate the mechanism which brings the sarcophagus to the surface, and they all fly to London with the Sarcophagus, but strange things happen during the flight and the plane crashes. Nick and Jenny survive, and visit the lab of Dr Henry Jekyll (of Jekyll and Hyde fame), (Russell Crowe) and the adventure begins. Dr Jekyll heads up a secret society involved in hunting supernatural threats, and what follows is thrilling and chilling.

A brilliant cast, combined with spectacular special effects make this movie a must see, especially for lovers of the horror/zombie/supernatural genre.

The film was directed by Alex Kurtzman and released by Universal Pictures.

The movie releases on Friday, 09 June and is classified V.


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