The Odyssey

Written by Joy Dembo on . Posted in 2017

This movie tells the story of the renowned oceanographer, Jacques Cousteau and his epic life, exploring and researching the oceans and marine life.

Credited with inventing the aqua lung which enabled scuba diving, and the ability to explore the depths of the ocean, his journey began when his wife and family encouraged him to leave the Navy and follow his passion.

With very little money and a handful of faithful helpers, they renovate The Calypso and once it is sea worthy, they set off on their adventure.

The film covers a 30 year life span, which sees Cousteau change from a dedicated admirer of the wonders of the ocean, to a money hungry Hollywood producer, making a series of movies for television, and finding that he cannot deliver as many episodes as he has committed to on the budget he had agreed to. Thus began his wheeling and dealing, and undertaking a very dangerous, ill-advised journey to Antarctica.

He and his son also clash on issues such as saving the environment and not meddling with the creatures of the sea. At the same time, he becomes a serious womaniser and cheats on his devoted wife many times.

Until… he sees the light, and turns his attentions to promoting conservation and respect for the ocean.

The underwater photography is breathtaking and the challenges they face are thrilling and mind blowing.
The narative in parts of the movie are in French, with English sub titles, but this adds to the authenticity of the film.

Jerome Salle’s epic movie, portraying a remarkable life, is worthy of its name, and coupled with a brilliant cast, this film is a winner.

The movie opens are cinemas countrywide on 14 July. And is classified 10-12. I doubt it would appeal to the very young, though.

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