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This is a new and different take on the 9/11 disaster of 2001. Whilst we have seen countless documentaries and movies based on the facts, this movie adds a distinctly human element to the tragedy.

A fictional bicycle messenger, a multi-millionaire and his estranged wife, a young girl who has decided to break off her relationship with her sugar daddy and a building maintenance man wake up on the morning of 9/11, never imagining how their day will unfold.

The billionaire and his wife have just left a meeting with their divorce lawyers, the messenger has sung happy birthday to his little daughter and gone to work, the young lady has just told her little pug dog that this is the day she is taking her life back and the building maintenance man has been dispatched to attend to an issue in the World Trade Centre where he works.

The five step into one of the many descending elevators in the North Tower of the World Trade Centre, and then the unspeakable happens… the first plane hits the building. The 90th floor is on fire, and the elevator comes to a grinding halt between the 37th and 38th floors.

There’s no communication with the lift control room or the outside world and the five are left wondering what has happened. Eventually the maintenance man manages to make contact with the lift control lady, who informs them of what has transpired.

As time goes by and they desperately try to get out of the elevator, try even harder not to panic or suffocate and pray that they will live to see their loved ones again, they develop a kind of kinship as they fight for a common goal.

The interactions in the elevator as well as the events going on inside and outside the building make for a tense and nail biting experience, which will keep you guessing until the inevitable end, which is a stark reminder of how many heroes emerged on that day and how many people didn’t make it out alive.

The movie is based on the award-winning play “Elevator”, written by Patrick James Carson and stars Charlie Sheen, Whoopi Goldberg, Gina Gershon, Luiz Guzman, Wood Harris, Olga Fonda and Jaqueline Bisset.

The film releases on 8 September at cinemas countrywide and is classified 16 LV.

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