From a House on Willow Street

Written by Joy Dembo on . Posted in 2017

Although this movie was made in South Africa, with a South African cast, the action supposedly takes place in the USA. It is a horror movie, along the lines of the Exorcist i.e. possession by demons.

The story begins with Hazel, Ade, James and Mark devising an elaborate plan to kidnap diamond Heiress, Katherine. Although the house where Katherine lives is creepy, the abduction goes down, and they return to their hideout in an abandoned warehouse. They chain her up, noticing that she is unkempt and pale, and hardly resembles a wealthy woman.

Katherine warns them that they really should let her go free, and refuses to cooperate when they start making a ransom video.

When the 4 are unable to reach her parents, they panic and Hazel sends Ade and James back to the house to investigate. The house wreaks of death, and decay, and to their horror they find the bodies of two dead, mutilated priests and Katherine’s murdered parents, and they are haunted by bizarre apparitions. They grab some video tapes from the house and flee.

At the Warehouse Hazel sees an apparition of her own mother, who died in a fire, which the others later learn took place in the very same house.

The video tapes begin to reveal the horror! The many unexplained deaths in the house, the existence of an evil spirit that feeds on grief, and many other terrifying facts emerge.

What follows is a truly terrifying adventure, which will keep you awake for many nights to come, so if you are a lover of horror movies, this one is for you!

Great special effects and cast!

The movie opens at cinemas countrywide on 03 November, and is classified 16 HV

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