Written by Joy Dembo on . Posted in 2018

Ladybird is a really beautiful comedy drama It is a coming of age story about an eccentric young high school senior, and the challenges she faces, not least of which is the difficult relationship she has with her mother.

The movie begins with Christine "Lady Bird" McPherson being driven back to her Catholic High School in Sacramento by her mom. The drive is less than civil and Ladybird, as she likes to be called, jumps out the moving car, leaving a rude note for her mother on her seat! With her arm in a bandage she arrives at school, for her senior year.

Ladybird dreams of going to an Ivy League college in the city, but her family is not well off and life is a struggle financially.

The movie follows her life though the year, her loves, her friends, her theatrical debut when she joins the schools drama programme, her struggle with admitting that she comes from “the wrong side of the tracks”, her part time job and her relationship with her mother, and her family, in general.

Despite her mother’s warning that they cannot afford an Ivy League College, she makes application to a number of colleges, and she is delighted to find that she has been wait listed for a New York College.

The ending is so heart-warming and unexpected, and will definitely have the sensitive in tears. But, there are a lot of fabulous laughs too.

All in all, one of those movies that should not be missed. Lots of life lessons to be learnt and lots of fun.

Lady Bird is played by Saoirse Ronan, who gives the performance of her career! And, Laurie Metcalf plays her mother. They are supported by a brilliant cast of actors.

The movie released on 23 February 2018, at cinemas countrywide and is classified 16 DLS