Written by Joy Dembo on . Posted in 2018

Blockers is a hilariously funny, somewhat risqué movie that will keep you giggling throughout.

Julie, Kayla and Sam meet on their first day of school and become firm friends, throughout their school years. Julie’s mom and Kayla and Sam’s dads also become friends, through their childrens’ friendship with one another.

Fast forward to the day of their senior prom, and Julie shares with her friends that she intends to have sex with her boyfriend, Austin, after the prom that night. Kayla says she is in, and pledges to have casual sex with her science lab partner, Connor, and eventually Sam, who is a closet Lesbian, reluctantly agrees to join in the pact, and have sex with Chad, her partner for the prom.

Julie’s single mom, Lisa, hosts the before prom party for the kids and their parents. Sam’s dad Hunter, who is divorced from her mom, arrives in a limousine to take the girls to the prom, but as they head out, Mitchell and Lisa hear pinging on Julie's laptop and intercept the cell messages that the girls are sending to one another., Hunter is au feit with emoji codes and they find out about the girls’ sex pact. The parents decide to “cock block" their daughters, and the resulting chase is utterly hilarious!

Leslie Mann plays Lisa, Ike Barinholtz plays Hunter, and John Cena plays Mitchell.

The movie was directed by Kay Cannon and written by Brian Kehoe, Jim Kehoe, Jon Hurwitz, Hayden Schlossberg and Been Russell.

Released by Universal Pictures, the movie opens on 20 April at cinemas countrywide and is classified 16 DLNS