Jurassic World - Fallen Kingdom

Written by Joy Dembo on . Posted in 2018

If you saw the last Jurassic World, you will remember that the theme park on Isla Nublar was abandoned.  Fast forward to three years later, a team of mercenaries finds the remains of the notoriously savage Indominus Rex  and take a DNA sample.

At the same time, the island’s volcano Mount Sibo, is threatening to erupt and the US Senate is involved in a debate over whether to let the dinosaurs die on the island, or save them. The decision is to let them die as they should never have been brought back from extinction and this is nature’s way of correcting the mistake.

Claire Dearing, who had previously run the park is head of the Dinosaur Protection Group, however the Senate decision puts paid to her mission, until she is contacted by Benjamin Lockwood, the late John Hammond’s partner. She is invited to his estate to discuss recuing some of the creatures and relocating them to a sanctuary, however evil under tones are in play and nothing is as it seems. Claire contacts Owen Grady, who was the park’s velociraptor researcher, as he had a special relationship with Blue, a dinosaur he raised from a baby, to help her evacuate the dinosaurs.

And so the story unfolds. Lots of betrayal, heartache, deception, fun, dinosaur chases, death and destruction, but some heartwarming moments contribute to making this movie the full package of thrills and spills.

Don’t miss this continuing saga.

Released by Universal, the movie was directed by J.A. Bayona and co-produced by Steven Spielberg. Chris Pratt plays the part of Owen Grady and Bryce Dallas Howard plays Clair Dearing. They are supported by a brilliant cast.

The movie opens on 08 June at cinemas countrywide.