Written by Joy Dembo on . Posted in 2018

BlaacKkKlansman, directed by Spike Lee, in my humble opinion, is one of the best movies of 2018, thus far. It’s the true story of how Ron Stallworth, an African American cop, managed to infiltrate the Ku Klux Klan, with the aid of his White Partner Flip Zimmerman.

The movie starts in 1979 Colorado Springs, when Ron Stallworth (Played by John David Washington – yeah! Denzel’s son), is the first African American cop to join the Colorado Springs Police Department. Tired of his mundane job in the records department, he asks for an opportunity to do undercover work. He is assigned to go undercover, wearing a wire, to a meeting being addressed by civil rights leader, Kwame Ture. At the rally he meets and falls for Patrice Dumas, president of the Black Student Union at Colorado College.

Ron is transferred to the intelligence unit of the PD, and one day, whilst reading the newspaper, he sees an advert encouraging White Supremacists to join the KKK. He calls, and completely fools them into thinking that he is a White supremacist, who hates Jews and Blacks. When the time comes for him to meet with the Klan, his well-coached partner goes in his place, wearing a wire, and the two of them infiltrate and expose the KKK local chapter.

Stallworth even manages to fool David Duke, the Grand Wizard of the Klan into thinking he is White, providing a good giggle as he boasts that he can tell the difference between a Black and a white person by the way they speak.

The film is an eye opener. It is as suspenseful and shocking, as it is entertaining and informative.
The film ends with live footage from the 2017 Unite the Right Rally in Virginia, and includes a speech by David Duke, Counter-protesters, Trump’s statements after the event and shows a memorial to Heather Heyer, the car attack victim.

Looking at the events in the South African context, and looking at the focus of the “Black Lives Matter” movement one realises that racial hatred is still alive and well and the more things change, the more they remain the same.

Everyone should see this incredible movie!

Released by Universal, the film opens at cinemas countrywide on Friday, 7 September.